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Soon I was making $500 per day and I…

Can you guess how long it took before I started making enough affiliate commissions to fund a lifestyle of traveling and living abroad?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”25″ font_font=”Open%20Sans” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%233d3d3d” font_spacing=”-1″]You too can enjoy a lifestyle of freedom and financial independence with the same clever technique I used to get my business started.[/text_block]
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23212121″ font_shadow=”none”]From The Desk Of Roger Rowe
-At The Beach

Dear Friend, Valued Customer, Fellow Entrepreneur, Future Success Story…

In 2007 I was starting out in affiliate marketing and really had no idea where to learn and exactly how to get started.

I was reading everything I possibly could read online about affiliate marketing.

None of those articles I read really gave me the information I needed to actually know where and how to start. And I read plenty of them, for weeks.

Now, when it comes to business, I am pretty sure of myself.

At that point, I had already built two offline, true brick and mortar business with great success.

However, things were not clicking for me. As you know, things in the digital world work a little differently than in the real world.

Neither of my businesses were actually retail businesses. They were business to business services that other businesses knew they needed.

I simply did not have the experience needed to understand how to approach online business in the beginning, just like you.[/text_block]

There was plenty of technical know how out there for free.

But none of that showed me what promote or who to promote to, or even what platform I should be using to promote.

And none of them were giving up the true secret to successfully marketing online.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23212121″ font_shadow=”none” top_padding=”20″]Things weren’t what I thought they would be.

That was when I knew I needed to find another approach to learning, so I began to look for books to start teaching myself.

So, I joined a paid forum that was offering help on getting started.

And boy was I glad I did.

What they were teaching there in that forum was good, general information like:

  1. Find a passionate audience
  2. Find a solution to their problem
  3. Offer the solution to that group of people


That Turned Out To Be Very Important Information – BUT It Was Not All The Information I Really Needed To Know

I woke up everyday to read new post in the forum and learn everything I could.

I had sold my 2nd business so I had the time and the money to learn and understand before I had to jump in head first and start earning.

Most people do not have that luxury because they need to start making money right away.

Besides, “understanding” the process does not put money in the bank and it is a false victory.

It’s a booby prize many people think they need to win before taking action.

This is an important issue I will address later below.

There were no tutorials to actually show you the thought process and the actions you need to take to get started.

So being active in the community was how we learned things from each.

I watched the forum closely so I could see exactly what they owners were doing and that is when the light bulb turned on for me.

Questions were going unaswered everyday in that forum and I recognized a passionate audience that had issues they needed solutions for (sound

When I saw questions goign continuously unaswered, I began to ACTIVELY find solutions for those questions and post them in those threads that had
previously gone unanswered to help those people.[/text_block]

Then, I began to actively HELP those people…

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23212121″ font_shadow=”none” top_padding=”20″]After 10 years since that experience, I have learned many more techniques, yet they all revolve around solving issues people have and finding the solutions for them.

I have designed my own software on 9 different occasions that solved issues for me and my customers.

I lived in 10 different places in 10 years with two of those being different countries (Costa Rica and Panama) all because I learned the secret to making good money online.

You are hearing this from me, not to brag, but so you will understand what is really possible when you learn exactly how to identify opportunity to help others online.

First, I took a two month vacation to Costa Rica as an exploratory trip to see if I would like it.

Then went home to prepare myself for the biggest move I ever made in my life.

Everything was sold, right down to the furniture and cold weather clothes.

Then, the the pop up camper sold and I packed 2 bags and got on the airplane for San Jose, Costa Rica.

Now, take a look at how I was living when I started, and the paradise I lived in Costa Rica:[/text_block]

Living in the camper and learning online.

Flying my 4 seat airplane on a trip to the beach.

View from the cockpit.

Instruments the cockpit.

Lime tree in the front yard-CR.

Beach Looking South – Playa Jaco

Life in Costa Rica

Morning run.

My casita (cabin) in CR.

World Headquarters-Costa Rica Office

Beach Looking North-Playa Jaco, CR.

Los Suenos Marina, Playa Herradura, CR.

People began to recognize my name
and knew that if they needed some help, they could count on me.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23212121″ font_shadow=”none” top_padding=”20″]I learned the things they needed to know and began to provide that information for free.

That is when I started building a following.

People began to recognize my name and knew that if they needed some help, they could count on me.

I found out that most people needed help actually getting their websites set up and live on the internet.

So, I started offering to install WordPress for epople for $25 per install.

I then began to get orders almost everyday from people who didn’t have time to do it themselves or didn’t want to take the time to learn all the
technical stuff.

They needed to start making money as soon as possible and I knew I can help them with an affordable service they had been struggling to perform on
their own.

Once I found out I could get a commission from the hosting companies by sending over my new users, I started advertising as uch as I could to get
more business.

It was a WIN-WIN situation for all of us.

Soon I was making $500 per day and I knew what my business model was:




No matter the niche I deside to go after, the fundamentals are always the same:


Sometimes that calls for actively helping in a forum where people gather.

Sometimes it’s publishing reviews for people who are searching on Google.

Some times it is running ads to custom content for specialty products.

Sometimes it’s physical products like found at

Sometimes it’s other techniques and locations online.

The point you need to remember is that providing actual help, the same way you would provide it if you were working offline is the key.

Actually providing real solutions to the needs of the people who are searching for them.

I have made money with every single one of these techniques and even more.

There is a forum for almost anything you can think of that interests people these days.

All you have to do is know how to figure out what they want or need help with and provide it to them.[/text_block]


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]The owners of that forum eventually caught on to what I was doing and high jacked my idea.

They shut down my threads, and added the same service to their forum.

I was crushed.

I found the secret to make it and then it was all taken away.

Because I made mistake that most people make once they find that initial success.

I built my business on a website that I did not own.

I was not in control of my business.

And I lost it.

But I knew what I had to do at that point, build my own site I could control and continue to help people.

And that is where you are today.

I knew I had to make it easier and safer for my customers to start building their business.

My customers also needed to know how to build the right foundation for their business so they never risk losing it like I did.

This is an easy concept for me to understand now, but wasn’t so clear when I was getting started like you are today.

Most people were more interested in keeping people hostage than actually showing them how to build a secure business online.

I wanted to be different, so I created a different kind approach.

The same approach I know I would have benefitted from most when I was getting started.

You see, if you allow someone else to control or own your real estate online, your business will always be vulnerable.

That is why I have created a set up for you that shows you step by step how to build your own real estate.

Online properties that you own, rather allowing someone else to own and benefit from.

I have taken all the hidden risk away by building and process for you that sets you out in the right direction from the beginning.

No wasted time experimenting with different methods that may or may not be good for your business in the future.

You are going to learn how to build that solid foundation then work from there.

You will start with basics and work your way into more traffic and more profit as you progress.[/text_block]


My Affiliate Apprentice


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”15″ font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23212121″ font_shadow=”none” top_padding=”20″]In a nut shell MAA will help you build a solid foundation for your business online by showing you exacatly where to start and how to start. MAA puts
you in months ahead in your business than you would be if you were to try and go it alone, learning from trial and error.

At MAA, you get instant access to 157 tutorials that take you from zero to publishing your websites in a matter of just a few days, and beyond.

You will learn as you go and build each skill you have already learned in each and every tutorial.

The process takes you from learning the basic skills you need to the more intricate and advanced techniques of SEO and paid traffic.

The possibilites are truly unlimited for you when you begin at MAA because we have not only developed an easy, step by step process for you to
follow, we also have advanced software available to you for automating many of the process you would normally have to do manually.

How do we know this will work for you?

Because we have spent years testing with trial end error.

After 10+ years experience, we know what to look for and what to avoid.

There are many ways to build an online business and we have proven that this method works really well for beginners.

And even though beginners are the core of our customer base, many people have gone on to learn the more advanced techniques we have developed over
the last few years.[/text_block]


Sounds Good, But What’s In It For Me?


  • Benefit 1 – Get Your First Website built For You – For Free
  • Benefit 2 – Transform Your Ideas into Profits
  • Benefit 3 – Start a Business From 1+ Million Lucrative Niches
  • Benefit 4 – Build Beautiful, Profit Ready Websites
  • Benefit 5 – No Design Skills Needed
  • Benefit 6 – Proven Strategies to Attract Loads of Traffic
  • Benefit 7 – Access to Over 4 Billion Potential Customers
  • Benefit 8 – Unlimited Revenue Sources
  • Benefit 9 – 598,500,000 Products YOU Can Instantly Sell

How Else Will My Affiliate Apprentice Benefit Me?


  • Benefit 10 – You will learn the most effective and easiest marketing technique to start making commissions fast.
  • Benefit 11 – Never be in doubt about what to do next; you will always know exactly how to proceed and if not, we are here to help you.
  • Benefit 12 – Learn how to research opportunities and find markets that are open to new marketers for success.
  • Benefit 13 – Discover how to get free, organic traffic fast and easy with your simple to follow tutorials.
  • Benefit 14 – Find out how to build your own websites in 30 minutes or less, even if you have never done it before.
  • Benefit 15 – Access to 157 tutorials to take you from newby affiliate to expert level in only a few short weeks.
  • Benefit 16 – You will learn 2 new advanced techniques each month for free and dig into the details of high traffic methods to make even more money.

What Else Can I Expect From My Affiliate Apprentice?


  • Benefit 17 – Master affiliate marketing, with an industry leading education
  • Benefit 18 – Get expert coaching when you need help or advice
  • Benefit 19 – Learn to find millions of keywords, niches and spy on your competition.
  • Benefit 20 – Fully customizable website, choose from over 3,000 theme designs
  • Benefit 21 – Run an entire business from our fast, secure & reliable hosting
  • Benefit 22 – Instantly network a rolodex of 1.4 million elite affiliate marketers
  • Benefit 23 – Endless Opportunity & Zero Risk

Is There Anything Else I should Know About MAA?


  • Benefit 24 – Saves you time and money by showing you the right direction to go in from the start
  • Benefit 25 – No Wasted Time For You Because We Show You Exactly How To Do It Step By Step
  • Benefit 26 – Saves you tons of effort showing you how to promote different offers
  • Benefit 27 – How to make your fist commission on 30 days
  • Benefit 28 – What you to do to make $50-$100 per day or more
  • Benefit 29 – How to easily find success and replicate it
  • Benefit 30 – How to make 50% recurring commissions each month from each customer

See What Others Have To Say About Us…

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”normal” font_color=”#212121″ font_shadow=”none” top_padding=”20″]Testimonials from other successful customers are very powerful. A key in using testimonials is to remember  that people are tuned into WII FM – “Whats in it for Me”.

Showcasing testimonials that not only confirm the quality of your product, but also handle buyer objections, will serve you very very well.  Objections such as, “Will this work for me?”, “Is this company/person trustworthy?”, “How long will this take and do I have time for this?”.[/text_block]

Norma Tracy

I’m a protege of Roger’s who started learning affiliate marketing and building WordPress websites from him about a year ago. I had made $1.62 online at that point. Now, I’m earning hundreds of dollars every month part-time. I started building my first WordPress websites by hand, creating post after post of unique, original content. Still, after all that work, they didn’t make me money. Roger changed my whole worldview about site building and linking and FINALLY made my sites profitable. And he can do the same for you.

If I would have had a site like Roger is proposing for you here, it would have cut MONTHS off my learning curve, as I would have had something to copy, emulate and learn from. Trust me, this is one offer that you can’t go wrong on.

Norma Tracy, Professional Copywriter


Hi Roger,

From the beginning I thought you were authentic , but when you got upset because I wasn’t doing the work, though I felt bad at the time, I later saw that as a confirmation that you were the real thing and I liked you even more!

With Appreciation,

Eileen, Affiliate Marketer


Roger is a true mentor who is always there to answer your question no matter how small. The program he has put together is top notch and he watches over it to make sure only accurate information is displayed.

If you follow Roger’s advice you will succeed.

Forrest, Affiliate Marketer


Before I got into Roger’s program, I knew what wordpress was but I had never used it and had no idea how to. Now, 2 months later I am creating complete websites in a couple of hours.

Wally, Affiliate Marketer

Here Is What You Get When You Sign Up:


For Newbies to Get
Started Fast!
For Those Who are
READY for Success!
Live Help
First 7 Days
Private Messaging
1 Free Website Build
Unlimited Sites
Website Security Package
Website Backup
Beginner Training Course
28 Tutorials
68 Tutorials
Personal Affiliate Blog
7 Day Affiliate Biz Training
29 tutorials
89 Tutorials
Live Video Classes
Video Walk-Throughs
Custom DFY Keyword Lists
Training Classrooms
Affiliate Program
Earn While You Learn
1-on-1 Coaching
First 7 days
Private Access to Roger
24/7/365 Website Support
Website Feedback Platform
Website Comment Platform
Website Analysis
—>>4 Monthly Advanced Bonuses:
Bonus #1-Google Paid Traffic Tutorials
Bonus #2-Bing Paid Traffic Tutorials
Bonus #3-Facebook Paid Traffic Tutorials
Bonus #4-Advanced Affiliate Method
379 Tutorials + Advanced Monthly Bonuses
+ Premium Support
Best For:
Getting Started
Those Ready to Earn!



Your First Website Built for You for FREE

Getting started can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of help. We remember how it feels to stuck and not knowing which way to go.

Part of that difficulty is the technical know how you need to start building your properties online.

We relieve you of that difficulty by building your first website for you, FOR FREE.

It’s a big deal to people new in online marketing and you will find this free service no where else on the internet.


379 Total Tutorials + Hundreds of Forum Threads Discussing Advanced Affiliate Techniques

With 57 tutorials in the starter package and 157 basic tutorials in the premium package base, there are 167 supporting tutorials to walk you completely through the details. Most of these are in video form to make things easier for you.

Additionally, there are many threads in the forum discussing more advanced techniques that you will not see anywhere else. This benefits you because you can get everything you need in one place, without ever having to chase down some new, that may or may not be trustworthy to learn from.

Get all the support you need in the forum by asking as many questions as you need to in order to make progress. If you never give up, you will always win. That what this forum is all about.


The Beginner Training Course

Do you have an idea that you want to promote online already? This is the course for you get started with.

You will see exactly what you need to do go live with your products and ideas, step by step, from start to finish.


Wow Man! I don’t know what to say.

That has got to be the nicest thing anyone has done for me online.
As a Matter of fact you are 1 of 2 people (other than family) that has ever
tried to help me out.

The People at WA are alright, for the most part, but they do not hold a candle to what you offer here. It took me a while to see that

the “500 Tutorials” are mostly rehashed and sometimes outdated garbage that I could have found for free with a little looking.

Money is tight right now so I will have to drop some memberships soon. But this is the one that I will keep no matter what.

This just makes it easier for me to recommended you and your programs to other people.

YOU ARE THE MAN!!! :bow:

Wayne, Affiliate Marketer


Thanks to the training I’ve received from Roger, I’m able to build sites with anywhere between 5 and 1000 posts in a couple of hours time. And I’m not making that up. I can actually do that.

Greg, Affiliate Marketer


I’m gonna keep this short and to the point. I was working at Internet Marketing about 3-4hrs per day for about 16 months and didn’t get anywhere thanks to misleading “gurus” and so much conflicting and wrong information and products. . . . then I met Roger!

Scott, Affiliate Marketer

Fred O.

After floundering for several months I happened upon Rogers great products and his training forum; I finally feel that I have the clear direction and the focused training I have been looking for all along. I would highly recommend his training and products to anyone wanting to be successful in the internet marketing world.

Fred O., Affiliate Marketer

7 Day Affiliate Biz Course

Not sure what you want to promote? Just want to get started the fastest and easiest way you can?

7 Day Affiliate Biz Course is just right for you. Discover how to get started fast and take advantage of our suggested program to promote.

We take away all the hard decisions that could delay your fast start and show you how to promote a proven to convert products for fast commissions.


How To Build Your Own Website

Even though we build your first website FOR FREE, this is a skill you want to develop.

We show you exactly how to do it, step by step, in easy to understand language in our video and written tutorials.

We will show you what is important, and what you can ignore when designing and building your website for affiliate marketing. And will not be what you think. 😉


Private Access To Roger and His Team

Having someone you trust to answer your questions without the normal affiliate product recommendations of worth the price of premium alone.

When you are a premium member Roger has no need to sell you anything, so you don;t have to worry about fraudulent recommendations based on a need to make money.

Be confident in knowing no one will be recommending products to you that may not benefit you.


Generous and Profitable Affiliate Program

When you find a group of people that truly want to help you, you notice right away. That is what we hang our hat on at MAA.

Once we have genuinely helped you reach your goals, we know you will be looking for good affiliate programs to promote online.

That is why we consider your success, our success.

We provide you a generous and profitable affiliate program because we know that you know how good the training really is.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to succeed and we know exactly how to help you do that.

Here is the real truth; If you never quit, you will always win.

This is also how we successfully help you succeed; we never give up on you.

We will always be here to help, and we mean that in every possible way.

If you ever need more help than we have provided, you need to do nothing more than ask.

We are here for you 100%.



Click Here For Premium Access

Starter Membership


Roger, thank you for teaching us the methods that have helped me stay focused so I can achieve things faster. More importantly, thank you for being a person I can totally trust in so I do not have to look elsewhere.

Janus, Affiliate Marketer


If it wasn’t for Roger I’d probably still be somewhere spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Thanks Roger and all the people in his program.

Gus, Affiliate Marketer


Roger has proven to me with his tested strategies that it is possible to find keyword that rank, how to automate site creation, how to properly SEO a blog to keep the Google spiders crawling back day after day, and how to easily create backlinks to tie it all together!

Derek, Affiliate Marketer

Val T.

To say that this is an awesome post would be an understatement!

Thanks for the elaboration Roger.

I have a few sites getting results, but I didn’t know how I could expand upon that and that Rank Tracker plugin is worth every penny.

Just bought it last night and installed it on 1 site so far that is making me the most adsense cash to see if I could get it making me 10x more.

This post is a must read for everyone indeed.

Val T., Affiliate Marketer

Check Out These WEEKLY Bonuses

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23212121″ font_shadow=”none” top_padding=”20″ bottom_padding=”40″]What happens when you complete the basic courses and get started marketing online?

Well, we know that you will still want to learn more once you get to that point, so we decided to add to the already huge value you get with our in depth training.

Not only *should* you continue to learn, but you actually *have* to keep on learning.

The internet landscape changes fast and as an affiliate marketer, you must stay up to date with the latest changes, techniques and methods come along.

Roger does this by reading and testing up to 6 hours per day to make sure he has everything you need to know to keep building your business.

The more traffic you have, the more money you make in our niche.

Roger understands this and has become the expert in many types of traffic and advanced affiliate methods.

In fact, his daily research routine includes 4 or more hours reading from many different websites in order to monitor the pulse of the business everyday.

He brings all the important information you need to know about from 17 different webiste and affiliate marketing news outlets.

He masterminds in 9 different mastermind groups, interacting with other long time professional affiliate marketers to stay of top of the cutting edge of the affiliate marketing business.

Roger’s dedication to this website, the affiliate business and YOUR SUCCESS is truly impressive.

You will be getting these bonuses for free and you should know that Roger used to sell this same level course for $97 each.

He no longer sells these courses until AFTER the premium members here at MAA have the first shot at learning the material.

See the weekly advanced tutorials/discussions bonuses below that will make every week exciting and education for you.



Bonus #1 – Advanced Affiliate Techniques

[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]Advanced Affiliate Techniques gauged toward more seasoned internet marketers are the number one bonus most people are interested in. This bonus course will range from topics such as “The Coupon Review” technique to learning how to track your traffic (important for paid traffic as well as free organic traffic).

Some of the things you will see here are truly amazing, clever and highly profitable. No affiliate marketer can do without these advanced techniques.





Bonus #2 – Google Ads Traffic Courses

[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]Google Ads Traffic is important to any marketer online. Google is where 85% of the internet traffic originates and this is a source of buyers you must tap into in order to scale your business.

If you’re not ready for this kind of traffic yet, don’t worry. You will be able to follow along in the conversation and you will begin to pick up valuable knowledge that will help you when you are ready to take that next step forward.





Bonus #3 – Bing Paid Traffic Courses

[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]Bing Paid Traffic Courses are important because Bing has a significant amount of traffic, is easier to use than Google Ads and is a great place to start for those who have never run paid traffic before.

Bing differs from Google in a few ways and Roger wants you to understand the platform well enough to be profitable and build your confidence before moving on to other sources of traffic that may not be as easy to use for your business.





Bonus #4 – Facebook Paid Traffic Courses

[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]Facebook Paid Traffic Courses are important because there are 2 billion people on Facebook and the platform is a great place to get loads of highly targeted traffic.

The platform is complex, which is another reason it’s so good for driving traffic, and there are several different techniques you will need to learn to find success with your ads there.

Facebook’s ad algorithm changes often ans staying on top of it takes tons of time. Roger handles all that for you so can get your information from a single place here at MAA to save you time and money.





That Is A Whopping $388 Of Value In Bonuses Alone

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23212121″ font_shadow=”none” top_padding=”20″ bottom_padding=”40″]Let’s Recap Exactly What You Are Getting:

  • 1 Free Affiliate Website
  • 378 Tutorials-From Newbie to Advanced Affiliate
  • Premium Support From Roger-10 Years Experience
  • Weekly Bonuses of Advanced Techniques Worth $388

If you could even find a package like this anywhere on the web (but you can’t), this would cost you over $500 PER MONTH, easy.[/text_block]

You Will Never See This Anywhere Else

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23212121″ font_shadow=”none” top_padding=”20″ bottom_padding=”40″]Let’s Face it, you are new and you need help.

Maybe you aren’t new to the game but you still need help.

No matter where you are in the journey of making money online, you can benefit from premium membership here at MAA with Roger and crew.

You will never see this kind of package offered anywhere on the internet. And even if you did find it, the cost would be huge you would never be able to afford it anyway.

Not sure how to keep up with the latest trends and changes of internet marketing?

Roger has you covered with his daily extensive research and mastermind groups.

He brings that information right to you to save you time and money.

Know a lot about internet marketing but have never been able to build a steady business?

Roger will show you the latest, most effective techniques to reach your goals.

His tireless pursuit of knowledge and information is reflected in the information available to you here.

Are you a past customer that still needs help finding your success?

Roger has re-dedicated himself to making My Affiliate Apprentice effective for newcomers as well as advanced marketers.

Maybe you moved on before because there was no advanced training for you. This has now changed and we have tons of advanced training for you that guarantee your success if you are willing to learn.


Now is the time for you to gets started.

The longer you wait, the longer it will take to make your fist commission.

If you have been looking for a reliable mentor, this is simply the best package you can possible get without spending thousands of dollars for one on one time with high priced consultant|mentor.

Jump in now and see how you can benefit from Roger’s training.

Jump in now and find out why Roger’s clients love him and the way he approaches this business.

Jump in now to get your online business going now.

Click The Green Button Below and Get Started Now.


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Starter Membership


Roger has given me a set of skills to help create my own financial future. I really do appreciate all the training I have received.

Chad, Affiliate Marketer


Roger was the first person who actually took the time to ask me what my goals were and if I was willing to forget what all the guru’s were feeding everybody and learn what it takes to earn a living on-line.

Darryl, Affiliate Marketer


I have been making money for the past two years with IM but only enough to break even and buy new stuff. I found myself jumping from this program to that program and had about 30 sites up and running all over the place. Then Roger offered a free 200 page Word Press site with my choice of domain. I jumped at the chance and found my cup of tea.

Dennis, Affiliate Marketer – Serial Website Builder

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Starter Membership